“Tessa brings a very humble, professional energy to any set she works on. She makes herself available to not only her makeup expertise but if any other department needs a hand she is one of the first to offer assistance. Tessa is always early to set and is able to time manage the looks she needs to create with the Assistant Directors to make sure everything runs smoothly and on time. Tessa is someone i commonly recommend to industry professionals and always look forward to her inspiring creations”
Rhiannon Watson, GRIND (2017 Film), Assistant Director, 18/09/2017


“Tessa was very professional and knowledgeable about the appropriate and precise type of makeup needed in order to portray the film exactly how we envisioned. Her expertise went beyond makeup and she was our costume specialist helping design the looks based on what the characters’ essence was. Throughout the production, Tessa went further and developed great relationships with the cast and the whole production crew on set. Tessa was a crucial part to our production and we will definitely call on her services to work with her on future productions. I highly recommend Tessa to any professional project in need of her amazing expertise”
AJ Silva, GRIND (2017 Film), Director, 17/09/2017


“Hi Tessa, thank you so much. You made Ruby’s day wonderful & she is still raving about how special she felt. You did a beautiful job on Ruby’s makeup & hair & your help with the outfits was so much appreciated. I would recommend you to anyone needing this service. You guys were so lovely and personable & made our morning very enjoyable & special. Thanks so much for your lovely comments to Ruby – you are so kind and caring. What a transformation. Thank you again & lets hope Ruby gets famous & can pay you astronomical amounts for your wonderful service which we would always seek out again.”
Leanne H, 23/07/2017


“Loved getting my hair & makeup done by you yesterday. So happy with the results and made us feel very comfortable. Will Recommend to others.”
Patricia W, 18/06/2017


“Love this girl!! Tessa you are beautiful and made us feel so comfortable, Makeup was awsome lasted all night, very happy.”
Tash F, 18/06/2017


“Experienced, prompt and lovely lady. Tessa made me feel special for my function. Very happy and will re-book for another function.”
Michelle S, 22/04/2017


“Tessa was very comforting and nice to talk to. She took her time and didn’t rush, unlike other make-up artists.”
Briearna H, 17/04/2017


“Absolutely the best experience I’ve ever had and more than comfortable. The perfect satisfaction. Can’t wait to see Tessa again.”
Caroline H, 17/04/2017


“Tessa is great. Such a lovely person. I felt instantly comfortable. She was very professional and went out of her way to try and find the right foundation for my skin tone (which is not the easiest!). She is an amazing person.”
Reshma K, 16/04/2017


“What a wonderful experience. Tessa’s equipment was sanitized before each application. Tessa advised me of what she was doing every step of the way. She was very bubbly and engaging without being over-bearing”
Robyn S, 14/04/2017


“Tessa is an amazing, lovely lady who did a great job making me feel really comfortable and made it very fun. I really enjoyed this 10/10.”
Toni H, 14/04/2017






















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